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The Saiyan Saga (01-35)
The Namek Saga (36-67)
The Ginyu Saga (68-74)
The Frieza Saga (75-107)
The Garlic Jr. Saga (108-117)
The Trunks Saga (118-125)
The Android Saga (126-139)
The Imperfect Cell Saga (140-152)
The Perfect Cell Saga (153-165)
The Cell Games Saga (166-194)
The Great Saiyaman Saga (195-209)
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Five years have passed since the fight with Piccolo Jr., and Goku now has a son, Gohan. The peace is interrupted when an alien named Raditz arrives on Earth in a spacecraft and tracks down Goku, revealing to him that that they are members of a near-extinct warrior race called the Saiyans.